Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Call for Halloween Blog Hop

Calling all mystery, thriller, horror, and paranormal authors!

I will be hosting a Halloween blog hop this October. (Yes, I know it's still beach weather, but these things take time to plan.) If you'd like your book promoted and are willing to promote other authors, whether you are traditionally published or an indie author, I am looking for 5-10 authors to participate in this month long event. Interviews are incredibly time consuming (and we need all the time for writing we can get!) so, for this blog hop, I was thinking of posting mostly excerpts and include only a couple questions about the book or author.

I am looking for 5-10 authors who are willing to promote their book, promote other authors, and willing to giveaway some free books (paperback or ebooks) to the lucky readers who dared to open the cover!

If your book scares, if it bites, if it's one you have to read with the lights on, or has anything to do with Halloween, contact me at

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