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Interview with an Author: Tamela Quijas

Indie author, Tamela Quijas joins us today with her paranormal romances. To see more of her books (and her beautiful cover art), reviews, her latest release, and her upcoming book, read on!

About the Author: 
Ms. Quijas was raised in Europe, a wonderfully diverse country filled with magically induced superstitions and the mystical beliefs of the old. The ancient tales told there, the basis to many of our fairytales, she learned were meant to frighten children. Strangely enough, all these beloved tales hold a semblance of truth in their dark depths.

The stories Ms. Quijas writes hold that essence, where the darkness of life borders on the edge of sunset and where the dead savor or regret those long and lonely hours until the sun rises on the horizon.

Where every soul has a chance at redemption….

On a quick note, Ms. Quijas does write the occasional contemporary romance and cookbooks.

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m married and a mom to 7 wonderful children and 2 grandchildren.  I’m a former military dependent raised all over the world, but  I’ve lived in the United States since 1987 and consider the far southwest my home.  Recently, I returned to college to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming an elementary school teacher.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I’ve always written—writing was my passion from an early age.  I can remember writing entire journals filled with fairytale stories as far back as elementary school.

What book are you reading now?

I’m reading a little bit of everything right now.  I’ve Exodus by April Alisa Marquette, Ambasadora by Heidi Ruby Miller, Shadowbrook Manor by Shannon Bailey, Fallen from Grace by J.R. Lindermuth, and Song of Eidolons by Jessica McHugh.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I’m a big fan of the movies—with action flicks being high on my list of must sees.  I recently went to see Conan and adore Jason Momoa.

Where do you get your ideas for your books?

Oddly enough, music.  There will be one certain phrase from a song that will inspire me to write my next story.
What was your favourite chapter to write and why?

The first chapter is my favourite.  I love to introduce the hero/heroine and give a bit of insight into their past, what makes them tick, and how they’ve become what they are.

Can you tell us about your upcoming book?

            The book that is my current work in progress is Tears of Blood, which is Book 3 to The Blood Chronicles.  The story is loosely based around cinema heart throb Rudolph Valentino, but my hero’s name is Amado Gianni.  The proposed backcover blurb is:

Once the darling bad boy of the silver screen, Amado Gianni had swept through Hollywood with his dark good looks, and sultry charm. One night, and a chance encounter with a dark soul, had taken everything from him. He was left a shadow in the modern world, in a constant battle of good and evil.

Elodia Deville was a lost soul, battling the inescapable odds mounting against her. Blind, with a human evil seeking to destroy her, she was unaware of her appeal to the world of the undead.

Fate would join them in a battle of survival, one that would lead to tears of blood...

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What are others are saying about Tam Quijas' books? 

Blood of the Beast:

"Tamela Quijas' Blood of the Beast is a sensual, deeply written tale from a gifted storyteller. Demetri is a tortured soul who longs for the light...and the woman who might bring about final redemption. Val is the street-smart cop who longs to honor her father's memory...and close her case at any cost. Together they must challenge a bloodthirsty minion who ravages the city, and a love that could be Demetri's final doom.

Ms. Quijas' prose and elegance leaps from page one, and holds the reader captive until the last. For fans of lush, delightfully dark romance, this is a must-read!" Lisa Phillips

 Blood Moon:

"This series just keeps getting better!!! ...The story is unique, fast paced and well written... Although this book is a series, each book can be read as a stand alone. I cannot wait for another installment into this wonderful world." grammy1

My Lord Raven:
"This book pulled me in to it's spell from the very's one of those books that I just couldn't put down...I absolutely LOVED the characters...especially the handsome Dante...and the beautiful Kate. The characters in this romance stepped off the written page and became someone I wanted to know more about and once I did I wanted the best for them. If you are looking for a really great romance story than look no further than My Lord Raven!" Brandy Rose

Angel's Fire, Demon's Blood.

"A book that makes you go "wow"... While this story starts out in times gone by, it quickly jumps to the present day and takes off at a dead run. Suspense, intrigue, romance, sibling rivalry, ghosts, and a group of psychics... you name and it this book has it! My hat's off to Ms. Quijas for creating such a delightful tale. I can't wait to see what she'll write next..." KitCatMS

 Moonlight Deception:

Just released this month!

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