Sunday, 4 September 2011

Harry Potter Pole Dance!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not afraid to admit that I love to pole dance. I thought about hiding that piece of information from my readers, knowing it could turn people off. I have nothing to hide. I'm not a stripper. I do this purely for the enjoyment AND the amazing workout.

The girls in my class are university students, nurses, nurse practitioners, managers, and 911 dispatchers, their ages ranging from 20 to 48. Along with my sister and one of my co-workers, I convinced an older friend to take classes with me. Considering the stigma surrounding pole dancing, she wanted no part of it.  I convinced one of her friends to go with us, easing my friend's discomfort enough to allow her to to try the first level. Four levels later, she's hooked! And I mean really hooked--she just bought her own pole!

Pole dancing is a full body workout. The first half hour of class is dedicated to strength and flexibility, while the last half hour is pole work. We learn about one or two spins per class as well as various strength holds. And let me tell you!! Doing pull ups on the pole and holding certain moves is not easy!

This week we learned the Snake which is flipping upside down and then putting one hand on the floor, then the other, using only your legs to hold onto the pole. Then you walk your hands out and scoop your chest to the floor, pushing off the pole with one leg. My Divebomber push ups from P90x helped prepare me for this, but I'm still feeling it in my chest and shoulders!!

I found this amazing video on Twitter that I just had to share!

Harry Potter Pole Dance!

Truthfully, I wasn't sure what to expect. My first thoughts were that it was a stripper on stage in a Harry Potter costume. It's not.

It's an awesome video, showing some amazing moves, and even a touch of magic. (Seriously, I don't know how they did it!)

If you've ever tried pole dancing, you know how much strength is required for these moves. I am still a few levels away from this, but I'm working on it. And if you're thinking of taking some classes, go for it! It's the funnest, kickass workout you'll ever do!

Check out the video:

If you liked that one, check out Felix Cane's performance. Felix holds numerous world titles and also performs in Zumanity (the sensual side of Cirque de Soleil).

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