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2011 Halloween Highlights & Giveaway

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Since today is the last day to enter the Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway, I've put together some Halloween highlights from our blog hop! Click on their name to view more of their darkest fears and see an excerpt of their book. Don't forget to enter the contest for your chance to win a copy of the thrillers, horror, science fiction and YA fantasy books of these talented authors!

Now, let's get the Halloween fun started!

Favourite Costume: (J.L. Murphey, author of Zombie Apocolypse: Redemption)
My all time favorite costume was a mummy. I was in a casket handing out candy to the kiddies. A royal pain to get on and off, and a whole lot of gauze! Great for the older kids, but scared the younger ones really bad. One little girl ran down the driveway screaming her fool head off to her momma. I chased her down to give her her candy which made it worse.

When you were a kid, where were the monsters hiding? Under your bed, in the closet, outside your bedroom window... (Weston Kincade, author of Invisible Dawn and A Life of Death)

The closet was a common one for me, but the worst place I expected monsters to be was directly under my sheets. I think I saw a movie once when I was younger about ghosts forming right under the sheets or monsters crawling up the sides of your bed and under the sheets, tunneling right at you like they’re reenacting a new Tremors movie. Even now, a few months ago I was sitting in bed reading when a large lump formed in my sheets at the side of the bed. I just caught it out of the corner of my eye when it began tunneling right at me. The fear from years ago leapt up from my stomach and into my throat until the orange furry face and whiskers of my longhaired cat peeked out from the covers.

Scariest Thing That's Ever Happened to You: (Nicholas Olivo, author of Imperium)
 I worked at Burger King for six and a half years. As a result of that experience, I no longer fear Hell. 

What’s your favorite Halloween film? (Nina Perez, author of The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth

The original Halloween. Michael Meyers didn’t move very fast, but the mask was terrifying. The music will always freak me out, too. That music, or something very similar, was used in these Saran Wrap commercials, and when I was a kid I’d always lose it when it came on TV.

What would you do if some of the things we pretend to be on Halloween were really real? (J.L. Murphey, author of Zombie Apocolypse: Redemption)

You mean they aren't real! Whew, and I've been afraid of things going bump in the night all my life. Having seen real mummy (nonanimated), vampire bats in jungles, wild hairy men in the woods, people living in swamps,and voodoo rituals in Haiti...I always figured there was some truth to the stories.

What’s the fastest way to kill a vampire or werewolf? (J.D. Stroube, author of Caged in Darkness)

Hmmm... with a vampire... get the darn thing to chase you out into the sunlight and he will go poof.
Werewolf... Climb a tree with a sniper rifle and take aim with a silver bullet.
Although, I would probably be squeamish about killing either.  I don't even kill spiders and I am afraid of them!

Scariest thing that's ever happened to you: (Lisa McCourt Hollar, author of Halloween Frights)

I hit a boy with my car. He’s alright now, but it was very scary. I can tell you, you never want to go through anything like that. I can still see him running into the road, trying to break and realizing it wasn’t going to happen and then having him under the tires. I lost it. I screamed OH MY GOD, over and over again and my daughter had to tell me to get out of the car. I later found out that the woman that came and took my hand and prayed with me while we waited for the ambulance was his aunt. I will never forget that. I’m even crying now, writing about it.

What would you do if some of the things we pretend to be on Halloween were really real? (Doug Dorow, author of The Ninth District)

I'd sleep better at night with all of the super heroes around. 

Would you invite a vampire into your home? (Jim Bronyaur, author of In the Corner)
Yup.  Wait, no, let me rephrase this... as long as the vampire doesn't sparkle, he/she is welcome in my home.

If you opened a door and found zombies what would you do? (Angel Haze, author of Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch and Bloodletter)

Run! If it's more than one, beating them with a baseball bat isn't going to help me. You want me? You're going to have to catch me first! 

What was your worst costume ever? (Nicholas Olivo author of Imperium)

When I was a kid a buddy of mine and I made our own Transformers costumes out of cardboard boxes and tinfoil. We thought we’d look  cool, but in retrospect, we just looked like a couple of kids wearing cardboard boxes.

Are there any haunted places that you find incredibly memorable? (Lisa McCourt Hollar, author of Halloween Frights)

Cry baby bridge. Never heard of it? Then you aren’t from Lima. Legend has it that one Halloween night a mother was driving home with her baby at midnight and went off the bridge. If you go there on Halloween night at midnight you are supposed to be able to hear the baby crying. Another story has a bus of teenagers on the way home from a game going off the bridge. Either way, it is a fun place to go when you want a scare.

Scary Movie rules to live by: (Cambria Hebert, author of Before)

I am a huge fan of the Scream Movies. I have seen them all and I think that these movies have a lot of rules to live by. Here is my personal list:
#1 Never tell someone you’ll be right back
#2 Never look in the mirror and say Bloody Mary 3X
#3 Never run upstairs!!!
#4 Don’t be slutty (oops, can I say this?) and don’t be a virgin either. They are always the first to die.
#5 If someone calls your house and just breathes, don’t talk to him! Hang up and don’t answer if he calls back. Call the cops. On your cell.
#6 Don’t wear the striped and polka dots at the same time. What? Its ugly. The killer will kill you just because you don’t match.

Halloween 2010
My Favourite Costume: Playboy Bunny

Thought I'd give you a sneak peek of my costume this year. This photo is from last year (I know, how original that I'm using the same costume.  I had two Halloween parties this year with two different outfits so I didn't bother getting creative. This year, I switched up the dress and wore a cute black cocktail dress instead. Oh, I and put my ears on the right way this time. In this pic, I'm wearing them backwards! Slade wouldn't be Hugh Hefner again, so this year he was a Halloween hockey goalie.) Sorry, I can't upload the photo from this year yet, that would involve finding the camera cord... :)

Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway:

It's finally Halloween!! To celebrate, I've teamed up with eight other authors for an international blog hop. Join us in the Halloween fun while these talented thriller, horror, paranormal, and YA fantasy authors tease us, thrill us, and share their darkest fears.

This spooktacular event started October 1st and ends Halloween. There are well over 50 books to giveaway (mostly ebooks but some paperbacks as well) so there are lots of chances to win! 

If you like books that scare, books that bite, books you have to read with the lights on, we've got your Halloween scare covered! 

To enter visit:  

Happy Halloween!

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