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Lisa McCourt Hollar: Halloween Frights Teaser

As the Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway nears its end, Lisa McCourt Hollar joins us to share her Halloween favourites, what creature she would most like to be, and a short story from her horror short-story collection, HALLOWEEN FRIGHTS. 

Lisa McCourt Hollar
Lisa McCourt Hollar resides in Ohio with her husband and children. Always busy writing she writes not-too-scary-stories for children 10 and under and horror stories for teens and adults, as well as dark poetry.

Favourite Halloween Prank:

I have to pick a favorite? I don’t know. Every Halloween my step-dad would set up a dummy at the dining room table and dress it up like Frankenstein. He had a mask. One day we came home and my mom reached for the mail that was just by the dummy’s arm and it grabbed her wrist. My step-dad had taken the dummy away and put the costume on. I don’t know how long he waited for us to get home, but my mom’s reaction was priceless. I think that is my favorite.

What was your favourite costume you ever wore?

A witch. It is the only one I ever wore as a kid. It was a hideous mask, green face and huge wart. Then I topped it off with a pointy black hat and a long black dress. I was scary, I can tell you that.

Which Halloween creature would you most like to be?

I think a vampire. Vampires are sexy and hot, but dangerous. (My daughter is sitting next to me and she says I would never be a vampire if those are the requirements, lol. And she thinks werewolves are better. She is so Team Jacob. I of course am Team Jasper. Eat her and be done with it, lol)

Scariest thing that's ever happened to you:

I hit a boy with my car. He’s alright now, but it was very scary. I can tell you, you never want to go through anything like that. I can still see him running into the road, trying to break and realizing it wasn’t going to happen and then having him under the tires. I lost it. I screamed OH MY GOD, over and over again and my daughter had to tell me to get out of the car. I later found out that the woman that came and took my hand and prayed with me while we waited for the ambulance was his aunt. I will never forget that. I’m even crying now, writing about it.

How do you spend Halloween nights?

Trick or treating with my kids, so if anyone thinks they are going to get sweets at my house, they are mistaken.

Halloween Frights is collection of Halloween stories and other paranormal tales. It starts with my poem, Joe's Night Out and includes such stories as Happy Halloween, Taxidermy Nightmare and Dolly. The collection concludes with Vampire's Hollow, a new story that proceeds events in The Legend Of Greystone, which is to be released in 2012.


Joe's Night Out

Moonlight fills the graveyard, lighting the way,
For Psycho Joe, who's come out to play.
It is Halloween night, his favorite time of year,
When souls of dead friends are sure to be here.

First to dig up, his friend Crazy Bob,
Whose head is missing one or two cogs.
Bob, who is awake, crawls from his grave,
A gleam in his eye of the mentally depraved.

When he'd been alive they'd been the best of friends,
Until one deadly night when he'd nearly lost his head.
But on his shoulders, Bobs' head remains,
With the blade of a sword halfway through his brain.

The result of an accident, or so Joe explained,
He was aiming for his arm, not the inside of his brain.
But Bob didn't hold it against his insane friend,
Who is dangerously close, to losing his own head.

Then they looked for Sally, whose mind had come unglued,
the day she found her husband wearing her red, high heeled shoes.
She didn't really mind that he'd borrowed her dress,
Or even that he'd left her razor a mess.

She'd always suspected he liked to wear her things
And once even caught him, trying on her rings.
But Sally loved those high heeled shoes
And the size of his feet stretched them beyond use.

Sally didn't think her actions were too rash,
When minus his feet; he went out with the trash.
And at her trial, Sally didn't bat an eye,
When jurors tired of insanity pleas, sentenced Sally to die.

Her first Halloween, back from the dead,
She ran into Joe and the friends that he led.
Last on his list, his pal, Loony Lou,
Who'd once given Joe a recipe for cat belly stew.

Lou was a culinary with an acquired taste,
Specializing in cat guts and chopped eyeball paste.
But he bit off as they say more than he could chew
And choked on a piece of Fido cordon Bleu.

When the four friends were together at last,
They headed into town, for their annual blast.
Joe has a new recipe he wants to share with Lou,
One that involves cutting up pieces of you.

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  1. Fun interview. Some great (and anxious in the case of hitting the kid) responses.

    Considering my beard, I think my students would say my halloween creature is werewolf. The rest of the year they just call me Moses :)

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