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J.L. Murphey: Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption Teaser

 Horror author, J. L. Murphey, is one of nine authors featured in the Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway. Today she shares an excerpt of  her horror novel ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: REDEMPTION, her favorite costume, the scariest slasher weapon of all time, and what she would do if the things we pretend to be on a Halloween were real.
About the Author:

J.L. Murphey
 J.L. Murphey lives in the Golden Isles of Georgia with her husband.  She has four children and seven grandchildren.  She is an author and freelance journalist.  She continues her thirty-year love affair with writing and storytelling.

Halloween Fun!
Favourite Costume:
My all time favorite costume was a mummy. I was in a casket handing out candy to the kiddies. A royal pain to get on and off, and a whole lot of gauze! Great for the older kids, but scared the younger ones really bad. One little girl ran down the driveway screaming her fool head off to her momma. I chased her down to give her her candy which made it worse.

Scariest Slasher weapon of all time:

The chainsaw, hands down! Something about the sound and the idea of all those little rapidly moving teeth tearing through flesh...WILLIEEEEEEEEES!

What would you do if some of the things we pretend to be on Halloween were really real?

You mean they aren't real! Whew, and I've been afraid of things going bump in the night all my life. Having seen real mummy (nonanimated), vampire bats in jungles, wild hairy men in the woods, people living in swamps,and voodoo rituals in Haiti...I always figured there was some truth to the stories.

Could you decapitate your zombified spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend?
You betcha!!! They are already dead anyhow so it wouldn't be MURDER.

When the Zombie Apocalypse Comes, how Will the Zombies Move?

Other- freshly zombified or fortified zombies would move fast while those that had started the decomposition would move slower, but still just as deadly.

Dr. Donna Cairn is a genetics researcher for the Center of Disease Control. When the CDC issued the Zombie Apocalypse Alert, she discounted it as a way of advertising hurricane preparedness. When a conspiracy buff working with her in the silo speaks to her about the debunked Hapgood theory of Earth Crust Displacement, she again discounts it as just that some wacko, paranoid rambling. But when radiation levels after the Japanese earthquakes starting rising, all bets were off.

Simple dog bite patients are dying from a mysterious fever. Bodies start coming up missing from the morgues across the globe. When the death count reaches over one quarter of the world’s population dying due to this new plague, the CDC sends their best virologist, Kit Seger, to help Donna in her quest of finding the virus in her converted missile silo laboratory in Nebraska.

The dead have risen and hunger for human flesh. She never believed in zombies before, but now she believes in them. Can she and Kit find the cure before mankind becomes extinct? How do you cure people who are already dead? And better yet, how do you kill the dead?

Can it be that Donna’s unborn niece and nephew are the answer? With the earthquakes rumbling, zombies at the gate, and time running out will they find what they are looking for? Man can only hope.
Excerpt from "Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption" by J.L. Murphey 2011

The seats weren’t too bad, but not a lot of elbow room.  He pulled out a folder from his briefcase between his feet on the floor as Lars climbed the small plane to 5,000 feet.  A nice and clear, sunny day with nothing to see, but ribbons of farm country below as he flipped back the pages in the clasped folder.  So far, over a quarter of a million deaths had been reported.  Most were animals, but a few had been reported to look like human bite marks.  Now, there was a scary scenario, he thought.  All the patients after being bitten had run high fevers with corresponding mutated white cell counts, convulsed, and became violent before death. 
In three-quarters of the cases, the bodies had simply vanished from wherever they were being held after three days.  There were some reports saying the bodies came back to life.  The patients just got up, and left the hospitals or funeral homes, but those had to be a figment of mass hysteria.  The dead couldn’t walk and after three days of being dead, nobody came back to life.  Maybe in some third world nation where there were no doctors a patient could be comatose and mistaken for dead, but not in the modern world.

He checked the country of origin on a couple of these “walking dead” stories...  Germany, Russia, and Turkey.  No, not possible he thought.  The reports came from reputable hospitals on the cutting edges of technological advances.  There had to be a mistake.  This was not Transylvania with vampires, Frankenstein, and zombies.  He’d seen some pretty horrific things in his life, but this was stuff from a cheap horror movie.  It wasn’t real life, but there it was in front of him.  Solid proof that zombies did exist.  How do you cure something that is already dead?  Better yet, how do you kill something that is already dead?

 Want more of J.L. Murphey?

"Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption" by J. L. Murphey
Smashwords ISBN: 978-1-4661-4582-5
ISBN-13: 9
ISBN-10: 1463781466
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